Fundraising Ideas

Whether you're a school, charity or individual looking to raise funds for a good cause, the biggest challenge to think about is how!  Depending upon if you're an individual, School or Charity the answers can be quite different.  

Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

There are lots of ways you can raise funds, some of these can be achieved by yourself, but to raise significant sums, the goal is to enroll as many people in your cause as possible.  Ideas that still work to raise funds for small projects and causes:

  • Sausage Sizzle at the local Hardware store. 
  • Completing a challenge such as striving to walk 20,000 or more steps for several days or running a marathon and asking family, friends to donate funds if you complete the challenge.
  • Doing good in your hood, this could be offering to help out neighbours with cleaning up the back yard, weeding, painting, walking the dog or baby sitting. 

If you're needs are a little bigger there are modern ways of raising funds through pages such as www.givealittle.co.nz.  Websites such as Give a Little allow you to create a fundraising page and make it easy for others to donate to you.  The challenge with sites like this is getting noticed as their are lots of great causes that the public can donate to.  Tools you can use to promote your web page include using a QR code on posters which makes it easy for those who want to donate to your cause.  For kids fundraising, platforms like Tik Tok are a great modern way to generate interest to your cause linked to a donation page.  Other options include using sites like Neighbourly or Linkedin. To make the most of these platforms you'll need to put yourself out there and make the most of your family, friends and contacts.  


Fundraising Ideas for Schools & Charities

If you are a registered charity you will often have access to raise funds by talking to major corporate sponsors, funders such as the Lotto Grants Board, Pub Charity, the Lion Foundation or Local Council Boards.  Organisations such as Rotary who have good networks throughout New Zealand can also help. 

A new modern way for large well known charities, schools or clubs to raise funds are by forming a partnership with organisations like Rewardhub.  Reward Hub lets you earn free donations for your school, club or cause by encouraging supporters to do their every day online shopping from their Rewardhub page and it won't cost them an extra cent. 

Organisations such as Hospice use this platform to generate donations from their supporters, at no cost, by encouraging their everyday shopping from the likes of Countdown, PaperPlus or at The Market. 

For Schools innovative ways to generate donations are by holding online auctions of unique items that have been owned or made by celebrities. If you don't have celebrity parents attending your school, Garden Tours or Fundraising Events that auction off donated goods from local businesses can be great for fundraising while also helping to bring your wider whanau together.  To encourage donations, think about what you can offer local businesses, this could be a link on your website for online businesses, publication of their support in your newsletter or simply promoting their business.

Working with local businesses where they agree to a donation for every item sold is a nice way to support your cause and local businesses.  Examples include, for every car wash sold at the local service station, a donation for every cup of coffee sold at a cafe.  When approaching businesses if you offer them exposure and more sales for their support this will often seal the deal.  This donation for every item sold isn't just for physical stores.  Online stores like the Gift Box business Celebration Box work with national organisations, local florist such as The Wild Rose in South Auckland help local sporting clubs, schools and charities to fundraise.     


Fundraising with Hello & Cookie

Our tasty NZ made cookies can be personalised either with text or picture that help you promote your cause and acknowledge a donation. For example, text on your cookie could be:

  • Thank You!
  • Help St John Save Lives
  • Support Howick Netball 
  • You Make A Difference
  • Harold Supporter 4 Life
  • ASB helps Kiwi Stars

This type of Cookie Text will help you get donations because it gives people more confidence the money is going to the cause described, they are getting something back for their donation and it's hard to resist a premium, tasty great looking cookie!  When you sell Hello&Cookie Personalised Cookies you can also promote you're supporting local, our cookies are NZ Made and the packaging is Home Compostable.

Personalised Cookies with pictures are great where you have an image that explains your cause better than words.  For charities such as Life Education, their Giraffe Harold is iconic and his picture is likely to help Life Education sell more cookies than a simple text such as Thank You.  Deciding if a Picture Cookie is better than a Text Cookie is up to you, but some things to consider are the Picture needs to be simple, ideally it's not a group photo for example.  You'll also need to allow more time, picture cookies take extra time to set and make in comparison to Text Cookies.


How Could you Fundraise with Hello&Cookie?

If you are an individual the easiest way is:

  1. Buy from Hello & Cookie at Wholesale and sell for Retail
  2. Encourage donations by offering a cookie for every $10 donated
  3. Use Social Media and Tik Tok to promote your cause offering to send out a box of cookies to say thank you for every $50 donated.

If you're a School or Charity you have options such as:

  1. Encourage Companies or Corporates to add your Hello&Cookie Personalised Cookie into their Christmas Gift or Thank You Gift.  For every cookie bought by the company or corporate there can be a donation to your cause.  This helps the company because they are telling their customers they are supporting your cause while also thanking their staff or customers with a delicious cookie.
  2. Promote to your supporters and the public that they can help you by buying cookies (and other products and services ) using a platform such as Reward Hub.  
  3. Encourage students and supporters to sell tasty impulse products such as Hello&Cookie personalised Cookies. We have ready made boxes of 6 or 12 cookies that can be sold generating a good return to your school or charity.  It's easier than a sausage sizzle and with a much longer shelf life!  By having your school name on them, the public is much more likely to buy them than a chocolate bar that can be bought in a dairy or supermarket for instance.  Our cookies being locally made and with compostable packaging help make Hello&Cookie Personalised Cookies a great option for fundraising.  

We'd love to help more individuals, schools and charities fundraise.  We hope these suggestions have been helpful.  If you've got more ideas on how our Personalised Cookies can help you fundraise tell us!  

To organise a School Fundraising Event contact us

If you're a company or corporate who would like to add Hello & Cookie to your Christmas Gift contact us here.