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Hello & Cookie Fundraising

Want to raise funds for your School, Charity, Club or Organisation?

Hello & Cookie can help you to reach your fund raising goals, through delicious and personalised cookies, that can be purchased by your friends, family and community. 

How Could you Fundraise with Hello & Cookie?

If you are an individual the easiest way is:

  1. Buy from Hello & Cookie at wholesale by emailing info@helloandcookie.co.nz and sell for Retail
  2. Encourage donations by offering a cookie for every $10 donated
  3. Use Social Media and Tik Tok to promote your cause offering to send out a box of cookies to say thank you for every $50 donated.


Hello & Cookie Fund RaisingHello & cookie Fund Raising NZ


If you're a School or Charity you have options such as:

  1. Encourage Companies or Corporates to add your Hello&Cookie Personalised Cookie into their Christmas Gift or Thank You Gift.  For every cookie bought by the company or corporate there can be a donation to your cause.  This helps the company because they are telling their customers they are supporting your cause while also thanking their staff or customers with a delicious cookie.
  2. Promote to your supporters and the public that they can help you by buying cookies (and other products and services ) using a platform such as Reward Hub.  
  3. Encourage students and supporters to sell tasty impulse products such as Hello&Cookie personalised Cookies. We have ready made boxes of 6 or 12 cookies that can be sold generating a good return to your school or charity.  It's easier than a sausage sizzle and with a much longer shelf life!  By having your school name on them, the public is much more likely to buy them than a chocolate bar that can be bought in a dairy or supermarket for instance.  Our cookies being locally made and with compostable packaging help make Hello&Cookie Personalised Cookies a great option for fundraising.  


Hello & Cookie Fund Raising NZ


We'd love to help more individuals, schools and charities fundraise.  We hope these suggestions have been helpful.  If you've got more ideas on how our Personalised Cookies can help you fundraise tell us!  

For wholesale order information click here

To organise a School Fundraising Event contact us

If you're a company or corporate who would like to add Hello&Cookies to your Christmas Gift contact us here.